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What really matters

What's priority, what's negotiable

Getting married is a long held dream for a bride in waiting. You’ve thought many times about what your dress might look like, who you’d have as bridesmaids and of course your engagement and wedding rings. You pore over magazines at the hairdresser and follow heaps of vendors and venues on Insta, Facebook and wedding websites.

Looking at beautiful photos of brides, hair do’s, rings, shoes, romantic venues, stationery, colour schemes, table settings, flowers, cakes and so on really whets your appetite and you can’t get enough.

STOP.  Ask yourself and your partner ‘What really matters’ on our wedding day. What is non-negotiable, what can we compromise on?

Here’s what all couples say to me when we connect.

“We want our day to be happy and fun. We want to enjoy our ceremony, being with our family and friends, having great food and wine in a really nice place.”

My best advice is for the two of you to decide what really matters planning your wedding. Budget will be a big factor – how you slice and dice it, what’s priority. Here’s my take on top priorities. Great vendors and venues can be booked from18 months – two years in advance.

  1. Date and time
  2. Venue
  3. Celebrant
  4. Catering
  5. Photographer
  6. Hair & Beauty

Yes I'm a registered marriage celebrant - so marrying you is what I love, what I do, what I'm great at. Please consider the importance, the actual experience of saying 'I do' and 'I pronounce you to be married'. After all this is why you're having a wedding, why you're inviting guests to share 'getting married' and celebrating.

A marriage licence, a celebrant and a location are the most essential items. You can’t get married without any of them. Your ceremony is at the heart and start of your wedding day. The licence and celebrant will be the two least expensive items. The licence is $150 NZD. A good celebrant in Hawke’s Bay costs $400 - $550. In a major NZ city $500 - $750+.

Having your ceremony in a public place is usually free of charge, though you'll need to apply to the local council authority for clearance. Your marriage licence application will also need an indoor alternative should the weather intervene. Hiring a venue for your whole wedding can be a great solution. Yes it will cost a lot yet it will save you in many other ways.

Wishing you the wedding day of your dreams.

Jo x