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How to be a great wedding guest

Getting an invitation to a wedding is special. The couple marrying have planned their guest list and it includes you! Weddings these days come in all shapes and sizes, however some things never change. Rocking up to a wedding has some do’s and don’ts.

  1. RSVP on time – reply to the invitation regardless whether you’re going or not.
  2. Dress appropriately. The invite may have a dress code. Jeans are likely not appropriate.
  3. Arrive on time.
  4. Ask where to put your wedding gift.
  5. Greet the hosts, introduce your partner.
  6. Be attentive, read signs, listen to instructions.
  7. Resist looking in on the reception area and closed off private places.
  8. Don’t take alcohol, food or drugs.
  9. Don’t turn up pre-loaded.
  10. Don’t get drunk. A drunk man looks foolish and says stupid stuff. A drunk woman - not a pretty sight.
  11. No smoking unless it’s made clear that it’s ok. Women will be gussied in clothes that are highly inflammable including the bride's veil.
  12. Be aware of your surroundings, the tone.
  13. Good manners never go amiss - be charming.
  14. Mobiles and devices on silent and invisible.
  15. Avoid taking photos unless it’s ok. Most couples have an unplugged ceremony these days and no social media posts.
  16. Suppress your urge to cheer, clap, whoop, whistle, interject or laugh inappropriately during the marriage ceremony and reception speeches.
  17. The signing of the marriage licence is not the end of the ceremony, avoid getting into a conversation.
  18. Keep your kids sweet. If they start to lose the plot, quietly take them away from the formalities.
  19. Everyone's looking their best, some in real party mode - suppress your urge to have it off with a bridesmaid, groomsman or the mother, father of the bride or groom.
  20. Know when it’s time to leave and say thank you.

A wedding is a splendid occasion – you’ve been invited to help make it enjoyable, happy and memorable. Share the love.


Jo x