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Love letter & wine box

A wonderful time capsule to enjoy on a special anniversary

The sixth in my series of marriage rituals

Love Letter and Wine Box ritual

This is a great addition to your marriage ceremony. Both of you write a personal letter to the other and these are sealed. You purchase a special bottle of wine and a wine box - probably wooden. The top of the box should be personalised with your names and the date of your marriage. The letters and wine are placed beside the box and put in a significant place at the front where your ceremony takes place. The box will be sealed during the marriage ceremony with hammer and nails, screws or locked with a key.

After the giving of vows and the gifting of rings, I ask for the letters and explain to your guests their significance. I then put them in the wine box. The two of you then shut the box and seal it with a key, screws or nails. Nothing quite like a bride wielding a hammer and screwdriver.

I then pronounce you to be married.

The wine box should be opened on your 5th wedding anniversary – however if there’s good reason before that date open it and enjoy.

Have a great wedding.

Jo x