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What you’ll seriously underestimate about your wedding day

Part 1

Getting married is meant to be one of the happiest days of your life. Couples today can tailor-make their wedding to suit, there are very few 'rules'. You can marry anywhere at any time on any day in New Zealand. If I asked the hundreds of couples I've married what they underestimated about their wedding day many of the following would ring bells. Have a read - they may ring your bell.

For the bride-to-be

  • How nervous and excited you’ll be – you may be the coolest chic, super organised, easy-osey – feel the butterflies, enjoy the heightened sense of occasion – this is YOUR WEDDING DAY. Have Rescue Remedy handy it’s great. You’ll be so pleased you went easy on the vino the night before and had lots of water and a good night’s sleep.
  • How overcome you’ll be reading the card from your fiancé and opening his gift, the need for tissues and waterproof mascara. Savour this moment they’re few and far between in life – you’ll have lots of magic moments as a married couple however that gift of love on your wedding day is precious and a ‘oncer’ like your vows.
  • How comforted and reassured you’ll feel with your besties beside you  – helping with your gown, making you laugh, making sure you look and feel absolutely amazing and sharing some bubbles. Let them fuss you’re bound to forget something.
  • How much weight you’ll lose prior and how glad you had that last minute gown fitting.
  • How fabulous you’ll feel finally putting on your gown, your shoes, your earrings and being handed your bouquet. Then seeing your Dad look at you for the first time and taking his hand. Then looking at your Mum and seeing so much love in her face.

For the groom to be

  • How nervy or chilled out you’ll be. You may try to look cool, calm and collected but I betcha’ inside there’ll be those flutters and several trips to the loo. Having an early morning run or bike ride then a decent brekkie will set you up for the day.
  • You’re glad you had your stag ‘do’ a few days ago and have been taking it easy on the booze. The paint-ball bruises have gone and you always feel better and your head’s clearer with a decent night’s sleep.
  • That lump in your throat reading the card from your fiancé and opening her gift. Savour this moment in the privacy of your room before the ‘boys’ arrive.
  • How much you enjoy having your groomsmen around, taking the mickey, getting you sorted, the ‘blokesmanship’ stuff. Your best man keeps you on time. You have a groomsmen who can tie a Windsor knot and gets your tie the right length and does everyone elses! And how worth-it it was to buy new shirts for the guys to fit their neck size and to request black shoes.
  • How thankful you’ll feel for all that your parents have done getting you to this point in your life. And how fabulous your mother really looks and how well your father scrubs up when he puts his mind to it.

It's the little things you'll remember - your wedding day will have so many magic moments.

Warmest and best wishes

Jo x