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Everyone loves candles

Nothing gathers consciousness and calm like candlelight. Everyone loves candles. Candles and romance go hand in hand. Winter weddings are perfect for candles. Winery cellars, firesides, sheltered gardens, outdoor rooms are amazing lit with lashings of candles.

Using candles outdoors can be tricky. In daytime the candle flame will be almost invisible and the candle needs to be in a glass vase or hurricane lamp so as not to catch any draught. Indoors candles are so much more spectacular, and obviously at nightfall.

Flat topped candles can struggle to stay alight as the wick drowns in the molten wax pooling on the top. Regardless whether you're using skinny or fat candles try to buy ones with a sloping top so the molten wax can drip down and keep the wick clear to burn.

Always play safe with candles - naked flames can scorch clothes, light paper and fly away fabric like tulle very quickly.

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Candles are perfect in a marriage ceremony. The Unity Candle ritual is chosen by many couples to seal their marriage. It's a popular choice for a marriage ceremony and has no religious significance.

In a nutshell, three candles are set at the front of the ceremony space – the Unity or Marriage Candle in the centre. It is flanked by two single candles representing your two families uniting in the marriage and symbolising your individual lives up until this day.

The celebrant opens the ceremony and then invites your parents (often mother's) to come forward and light your family candle. After vows are said, the celebrant invites you to each take a taper and light it from the flame of your family candle and to join the flames to light your Marriage Candle.

The lighting together represents your united strength, the warmth of your love, the sacredness of your relationship and the light that will guide you throughout your lives together.

Wishing you a romantic wedding that ticks all your boxes.

Jo x