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Boys only wedding stuff

Bowties, Windsor knots, collars and hair

Men scrub up for their wedding day – even if they live life with a permanent stubble, pretty much all blokes make the effort.

Wearing an open neck shirt… great. Leave the top 2 buttons undone includes the collar. Bit of a Hairy Mclarey around your neck, mmm wax on – wax off, shave off. Check out this link

Wearing a suit and tie… oooh yes! First thing hire or buy a suit for you and the boys – they may be happy to pay. Buy new shirts. Make sure they’re the right collar size for everyone. Ensure everyone’s shoes and belts are a matching colour. Half Windsor, Double Windsor, Prince Albert, bow tie, cravat – check this link 

Wearing a beard, moustache, five o’clock shadow? Book a trim the day before your wedding. Treat yourself to a make-over with a classy barber or hair dresser. Clean, styled hair with a bit of product on the day will transform you. Check this link

Enjoy your wedding day - make it one to remember.

Warmest and best wishes

Jo x