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Why a celebrant led ceremony?

Having a great celebrant marry you means you'll experience a personalised ceremony. One in which you both star together. Your background, your story, your beliefs and wishes will be captured and framed within your marriage ceremony. It will be memorable for all the best reasons.

A great celebrant is much more than sparkle, glitter and a bit of fun. They listen, choose the right words and have an innate understanding about you from your discussions and information. They're very experienced, capable and grounded. However you need to do some 'homework' about yourselves that has the nuggets and gemstones your celebrant will mold together.

I've been writing and delivering marriage ceremonies for many years. Each one is unique. Sure the actual getting married part has some legal stuff required. Apart from that the unfolding of your ceremony is built around you. I also take great care to make your ceremony inclusive of your guests and pitch the language and content appropriately across all age groups.

I'll give you lots of resources to get in the zone. Just as you'll talk about the guest list, the cake, the menu, the table settings, the MOH and BM, who might be your MC, can we afford a band... you need to talk together about your ceremony content. After all getting married is why you're having a wedding. And GETTING MARRIED IS AT THE BEGINNING. ❤

Yes you can have the wedding ceremony of your dreams...

with love

Jo x