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Turning into Bridezilla?

10 tips worth considering

Getting married is meant to be a fabulous, happy experience. Here are 10 tips worth considering.

1. Trying to please everyone. Your wedding day is about you and the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. It's about commitment and celebration. Simply plan for the best and go with the flow. Guests have a role too having been invited. They don't expect the earth. They might baulk at having to pay for drinks if 'Cash Bar' wasn't on the invite. Guests will be happy if they're comfortable, fed and watered.

2.  Expecting your groom to have an opinion on everything. Chicks are great at some things and guys are better at others. So set the ground rules, what's non-negotiable and share the load.

3. Not giving yourself enough time? Procrastinating? Things not getting done? You'll know what is right and workable after all you've chosen the right mate for you. Be decisive. And when it comes to making appointments be realisitic. Wedding vendors are busy at weekends so your expectation to see them then may not be possible. You may have to take leave from work to meet their availability.

4. Struggling with priorities? Regardless of how much time you've got or not, book and confirm the most important people and services for your wedding as early as possible... the menu, the wine, the dress, the cake are NOT a priority. Check this list of firsts...

  • venue, date and time
  • celebrant
  • marriage licence
  • photographer
  • hair & makeup
  • hireage
  • florist

5. Time and flow chart of your wedding day. Everything takes longer than you expect. Photos take longer, bathroom stops, dress needs adjusting, the heatwave is melting everyone's makeup. The weather will be what it is. Allow extra time. You need a good 5 minutes after your arrival for your bridal party to get out of the cars, check lippy, dresses, your dress and wellbeing.

6. Continuing window shopping when you've bought the dress, sent out the invitations and ordered the wedding rings. STOP. Shut down Pinterest and Google.

7. Being competitive about planning a much better wedding than the last ones you've been to. Stop analysing. This is your day, the two of you together. Make it your own.

8. Turning your wedding day into a photo shoot. Plan photos and TIME with your photograher. Allow more. Remember it's your day not theirs. It's impolite to keep wedding guests waiting. So if the photographer is getting arty-farty about this location, this light - kindly remind them you need to go.

9. Micromanaging. So you're a bit OCD and anal. That makes two of us. Beware setting yourself up for disappointment because you're looking for mistakes. Give your planner or event manager the courtesy of letting them do their job. Avoid turning into Ms Nasty because you're now stressed to the max. This is a day of love. Don't miss your wedding.

10. Enjoy all of your wedding day. TRUST all the people who are delivering products and services. Give your MC authority to make decisions and changes on the wing. Guests are really accommodating and very excited and happy for you and this amazing wedding day.

Wishing you the most memorable wedding day, may it be one of the happiest days of your lives.

Jo xx