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Love letter & wine box

A wonderful time capsule to enjoy on a special anniversary

The sixth in my series of marriage rituals

Love Letter and Wine Box ritual

The letters and wine box are prepared by the couple in advance of the wedding ceremony. Each one writes to the other and their letters are sealed in separate envelopes. The couple also provides a wooden box with a special wine in it. The box will be sealed during the marriage ceremony with hammer and nails, screws or locked with a key.

After the giving of vows and the gifting of rings, the celebrant asks for the letters, speaks to the guests on their significance and places them in the wine box. The celebrant then either locks the box, or puts in the first nail or screw and asks the couple to complete sealing the box.

The celebrant then pronounces the couple married.

The wine box should be opened on the 5th wedding anniversary – however if there’s good reason before that date open it and enjoy.

Have a great wedding.

Jo x

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