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The Sand Ceremony & more...

The fourth in a series of marriage rituals

The Sand Ceremony is a ritual that seals the marriage by the mixing of sand each spouse has chosen from a special location. Together they pour these sands into a unity vessel symbolising their union. This ritual usually takes place after the saying of vows and is followed by the exchange of rings.

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Warming the rings begins early on in the wedding when ceremony the celebrant asks for the rings to be presented. They are usually tied with a ribbon or cord. The celebrant asks the guests to hold, warm and bless the rings and pass them on. To ensure the rings get around easily and quickly, each ring can separately be circulated among one block of guests on either side of the aisle. The celebrant will ask for the warmed rings back when they’re required.

Release of White Doves – White doves are a symbol of lasting love, new beginnings, blessings, hope, peace and harmony. A just-married couple can hand release two doves to symbolise their union.

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Have a wonderful marriage ceremony.

Jo x