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ROMANCE is back in style

No other flower says ROMANCE quite like roses. Pippa Middleton’s beautiful wedding puts ROMANCE and tradition back in vogue in capital letters.

No other flower says ROMANCE quite like roses. Pippa Middleton’s beautiful wedding puts ROMANCE and TRADITION back in vogue in capital letters. Doing the simple things beautifully – well thought through and planned to perfection. And yes Pippa was on time. You might be thinking money wasn’t a problem. No matter, her exquisite styling can be inspirational for you to achieve elegance and romance in your wedding.

The quintessential English village stone church made the perfect setting. Pippa’s flowers were divine – roses in pinks and whites festooning the church gate – the perfect backdrop to her classic white lace gown. Mmmm no plunging neckline or off-the-shoulder bodice – a demure, high necked gown with capped short sleeves. And didn’t you just love her hair with a dainty tiara – classical, framing her face – beautifully applied makeup and that gossamer veil revealing Pippa’s beauty – an English rose.

We celebrants’ see up close and personal just how well planned a wedding really is. We see it all unfold. No matter whether it’s the full white wedding or something much smaller – it’s the little things done well, thoughtfully planned and carried through on the day. It’s the smooth operation – key people doing their job well and on time.

Today many couples try to do a lot themselves often to save on the budget. Your planning and wedding flow chart needs to be shared and placed in the hands of capable people. So on your special day – the two of you can relax and be the stars, experiencing every moment.

What we can take from Pippa’s wedding is how beautifully it came together, how the detail wasn’t apparent and simplicity reigned. Great planning in great hands will give you a wonderful wedding day. And it all begins with a great celebrant delivering a beautiful marriage ceremony – the heart of your wedding.

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