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Let them eat cake

Most couples have a specially made cake served after their wedding breakfast, the first meal the couple share as newlyweds.

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In ancient Rome, a marriage was sealed when the groom smashed a barley cake over his brides’ head! In the mid 1500’s wedding cakes were made to be eaten. Today’s wedding cakes come in all shapes and sizes, all manner of types.

Wedding cake was originally a luxury item and a symbol of celebration and social standing. The bigger the cake the higher your place in society. White icing was also a symbol of money and status during Queen Victoria’s reign. Victoria also began the tradition of wearing a white bridal gown – the colour white being associated with virginity and purity.

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Traditionally wedding cakes were made to bring good luck to the couple and all guests. Hence a couple cut their cake making a wish. And it is considered good manners for every guests to eat a piece ensuring happiness for the couple.

Wedding cakes today often are tiered. When I was married several years ago, we kept the top tier for the christening of our first child. Queen Victoria’s wedding guests each took home a piece of the cake in small rectangular tin.

So let them eat your cake.

Have a 'smashing' wedding breakfast...

Jo xx