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Casting a circle

A pagan ritual... the seventh in my series of marriage rituals

Casting a Circle has its roots in a pagan ritual for marriage that precedes hand fasting or tying the knot. It is simply the creating of a special energy around the ceremony of wedlock. The circle defines sacred space. In making this circle in which the couple stand, the celebrant’s intention is to create a special energy in which the binding of one’s life to another’s takes place.

The circle is often oriented to the four cardinal points – north (representing earth), east (air), south (fire) and west (water). The celebrant casts the circle – with flowers, stones, shells or other symbolic pieces of nature which can represent north, east, south and west. There may be words spoken at each cardinal point.

The circle is cast and the celebrant invites the couple to enter… “How do you enter the circle”. The couple each respond… “In perfect love and perfect trust”.

A wedding today could have casting a circle just prior to the marriage sequence. So all the welcoming and readings have taken place and we’ve reached the point in the ceremony when the rite of marriage begins.

May your wedding ceremony be amazing and memorable.


Jo x